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Pregnancy - Birth

Hardly any stage of life is as fascinating as the 9 months of pregnancy and the birth of a child.

Kinderwunschbehandlung - Mama mit Kind und Babybauch

1. We accompany you throughout pregnancy

1. We accompany you throughout pregnancy

In order to provide “our couples” with all the necessary information on the development of their baby in the womb, we have compiled a list of helpful tips on medical check-ups, nutrition, lifestyle and much more.

Please request these information sheets in writing per E-mail or give us a call informing us about the current stage of your pregnancy, so that we can forward the appropriate information to you.

Kinderwunschbehandlung - Betreuung in der SchwangerschaftTo give you details on the course of pregnancy, the appropriate medical check-ups (with your treating gynecologist) and to provide you with helpful advice we are pleased to send you the appropriate leaflets on the scheduled prenatal appointments.

Additional information on pregnancy and birth will be handed out to the couple in a personal consultation at our IVF centers, at the treating gynecologist’s or in birth preparation classes. Many helpful tips can also be found in the abundant literature on pregnancy-related issues.

We are pleased to give you access to our book list and internet addresses on this subject.

Throughout pregnancy medical care is supposed to be provided by your local gynecologist.

Please find hereafter a small selection from our information leaflets.

1. Examples of Frequently Asked Questions during pregnancy:
  • Is it safe to dye my hair during pregnancy? There are not enough scientifically established studies available. At any rate...
  • Should I do sports? Exercising during pregnancy is HEALTHY, provided that you respect the following guidelines…
  • Is it safe to fly? The greatest risk is childbirth under unfavorable conditions!

2. Household remedies against pregnancy discomforts:
  • Nausea, Vomiting: Avoid cigarettes, alcohol, fizzy drinks (carbonated beverages)...
  • Vaginal discharge: Hip baths with chamomile, lady’s mantle or marigold (Attention: a white, opaque, fluid discharge that is neither itchy nor smelling is considered to be normal during pregnancy).
  • Low blood pressure: symptoms are fatigue, listlessness, dizziness, headaches, cold feet and hands. Regular, moderate exercise in the fresh air is highly recommended...
  • Heartburn: Take a spoonful of olive- or sunflower oil before meals...


3. Products that can make life easier for pregnant women:
  • Baths...
  • Creams...
  • Other, like algae water-ampoules can help to activate lymphatic drainage...
  • Compression stockings to prevent varicose veins and other vein problems during pregnancy...

4. Chorionic villus sampling, placental biopsy and amniocentesis
  • Purpose of the chorionic villus sampling procedure, placental biopsy or amniocentesis...
  • Performance of chorionic villus sampling and placental biopsy...
  • Performance of the amniocentesis procedure...
  • Possible complications associated with chorionic villus sampling procedure, placental biopsy and amniocentesis...

5. Information on the course of pregnancy during the first 12 weeks:
  • Duration of pregnancy – due date: By way of calculation, pregnancy in human lasts about 10 lunar months (= 40 weeks or 280 days)...
  • Development of your child...
  • Changes in well-being, mood and behavior: morning sickness occurs when the blood sugar level is low, which often happens in the early afternoon, too...
  • When should I start to take nutritional supplements? (Vitamins, folic acid, iron, calcium etc.)...
  • What is to be done next? ...
  • Important dates throughout pregnancy...

6. Information on the course of pregnancy between the 12th and 20th week of pregnancy

7. Information on the course of pregnancy between the 20th and 26th week of pregnancy

8. Information on the course of pregnancy between the 26th and 32th week of pregnancy

9. Information on the course of pregnancy between the 32th and 37th week of pregnancy

10. Information on the course of pregnancy between the 37th week of pregnancy until the due date

11. Information on pre-registration at the hospital and on childbed

12. Registration at the hospital...
  • Post-partum vaginal discharge (known as lochia) will last about 4 – 6 weeks...
  • Taking care of an episiotomy...
  • Breast care...
  • Postnatal workout...
  • Postpartum menstrual cycle and conception...


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